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Steps to Take if the Insurance Company Denies your Personal Injury Claim

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If you have filed a claim for compensation after being hurt in an accident, waiting to get the money to pay your medical expenses and keep your life together can be stressful. It will even be more stressful if the insurance company denies your claim. However, don’t fret as there is still something you can do after the denial. Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyers will walk you through your options and help you get the compensation you deserve. Here’s what you should do if your claim has been denied:

Determine Why Your Claim Was Denied

First, you must know the reason for the denial. Check your insurance policy and look for fine print that contains exclusions that may be cited by the company to deny your claim. A lot of insurance companies use this technique.

Dispute the Denial

If the denial has errors in it or has any misleading information, you can write the insurer a letter that challenges these issues. Emphasize the erroneous information and ask for clarification on any gray areas. After this, arbitration or mediation may be necessary if your policy requires it. Make sure to speak with a personal injury attorney. 

File a Lawsuit

You can file a lawsuit against the insurance company if it fails to uphold its end of the deal by offering promised coverage or it is not treating your fairly. The company may fail to properly investigate the claim or is not taking your claim seriously. No matter the situation, the insurer could be liable for the initial damages and the additional damages you may have suffered due to the actions. But, securing these damages can create a serious issue if you don’t’ have legal representation. Insurance companies will only take your case seriously if you have an experienced attorney representing you. 

Why Speak with a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have been injured because of an accident caused by another party, your attorney can help you seek the compensation you need. And if the insurance company denies your claim, the lawyer can take your case to court. Usually, denials are rare when you have a lawyer on your side as insurance companies know where the case is heading when they deny your claim. 

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