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Types of Damages you Can Recover in an Employment Discrimination Claim

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The law prohibits various kinds of employment discrimination including discrimination or harassment based on an employee’s gender, race, national origin, disability, and religion. If you suffer from workplace discrimination, you can bring a lawsuit and recover damages. A great Lambertville employment lawyer will make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Read on to know the damages you can recover from an employment discrimination case in New Jersey:

Economic Damages

These damages are associated with any non-promotion, failed raises or bonuses, or lost wages, or destructive transfer. Lost wages may refer to previous wages before trial or wages that go into the future. In some instances, lost wages refer to lost pension benefits, pension contributions, or the like.

Non-Liquidated Damages

These include damages for pain and suffering. The jury will determine a specific amount for the subjective anger, embarrassment, distress, and humiliation you suffered because of the adverse action of your employer against you. Your attorney will use credible medical evidence or testimony to support these damages.

Punitive Damages

These damages are meant to deter your employer from engaging in similar conduct in the future. They may not be submitted to the jury for consideration and they are rarely awarded by the jury. However, they are an appropriate award if the employer is found to have egregious conduct.

Extra Damages

These cover attorney’s fees and costs your attorney has invested to get a successful verdict. The attorney’s fees are added to your total recovery from which contingency fees are calculated.

If you file an employment lawsuit, the law requires you to mitigate or reduce your financial damage caused by the adverse action of your employer. Thus, if you were terminated, you need to look for a new job to help replace the wages you lost. Even if you win the lawsuit but fail to mitigate the damages, you may only receive a lower amount of award. If you are able to mitigate the damage, the amount you will get for backpay will often the difference between what you earned previous and current earnings.

Unless you are a law expert yourself, you might not be able to look at the specifics of your case. As a result, you can’t determine with certainty the amount of damages you can seek in an employment claim. But, a competent employment attorney will take into account the facts of your claim and assess the kinds of damages you can recover.

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