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Personal injury 101: Working with a truck accident lawyer in Albuquerque

The Benefits of Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer

It’s disturbing to know the number of truck accidents that are reported in New Mexico every year. Accidents are often caused by inexperienced truckers, speeding, and negligently loaded trailers. Regardless of the cause, if you were injured in such a trucking accident, you are entitled to get financial compensation, which will cover medical expenses, suffering, vehicle damages and loss of wages. While you have a period of three years from the date of the accident to file a claim, as per the statute of limitations in New Mexico, you should consult a lawyer at the earliest. Here’s more on working with Albuquerque truck accident lawyers

Be transparent in your version

Regardless of whether you had a role in the accident, make sure that your attorney knows all the details. The primary reason why truck accidents are complex is because of the number of parties involved. Sometimes, it is hard to establish fault, and that can impact the personal injury lawsuit. Your lawyer may have a few questions, and you need to be as honest as possible.  

Ensure your lawyer has experience

When you meet a lawyer for the first time, you need to know if they have experience with truck accidents, because the whole process of filing a lawsuit and getting through the settlement process can be quite hard. They need to know the laws and the various ups and downs that are likely to occur in your case. You can ask them about truck accident cases they have handled in the past that are similar to yours. 

Know your options

Most claims related to truck accidents are settled through negotiation, but at times, it may be necessary to go to trial. Hire an attorney who has experience of trial, and more importantly, do ask them about the possible options. A good attorney will try and take the route that will get you a fair settlement. 

Ask about fee

Most personal injury laws in Albuquerque work on a contingency basis, which means they will charge a part of the settlement as their fee. In other words, you don’t pay them any legal fees, if they cannot win the claim for you. Nevertheless, do ask about their fee, if any additional expenses are expected, and other things that need attention. 

Working with a truck accident lawyer can help you get the true compensation you deserve. Do your homework before you hire one!

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