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How to Prove a Driver Caused an Accident for Running on a Red Light

Road accidents that involve a driver running a red light can result in fatalities. If you think your accident resulted from this kind of behavior, Los Angeles car accident attorneys can obtain evidence that can prove your claim. 

Red light accidents occur when a driver speeds up while the light changes to yellow. Unfortunately, cars from the perpendicular direction may enter the intersection on the green light. Also, this accident can happen if the driver is distracted. Distraction can make it impossible for a driver to notice a change of traffic light and when they proceed into the intersection, an accident may happen. 

Evidence that can Prove a Driver Was Running a Red Light

If you are filing a claim against a party who you believe ran a red light before the accident happened, you need the following evidence to support your claim:

  • Red light cameras. The presence of these cameras discourages motorists from running red lights. If you were in a car crash, your injury lawyer may request footage from the red-light camera of an intersection. Such footage may demonstrate how the crash happened. 
  • Vehicle damage location. Which part of your car has been damaged may provide information on how the crash took place. If the driver ran a red light, your vehicle might have been hit on its board side because it runs through the intersection while the green light is on. Typically, if your accident involves running a red light, your car will have damage on the driver’s side and the car of the at-fault driver will have damage to its front.

What Your Attorney Can Do

Following a car collision, you should get the names and contact numbers of any witnesses who were there when the accident took place. Your attorney will need this information to get in touch with these witnesses. Your lawyer may use witness testimony for determining what occurred and proving fault for the crash. If you can, try to take photos from various angles, so you can have a full picture of the collision scene. Take photos of any debris from the crash, both cars, including damage suffered, skid marks, and any items or structures the crash damaged. 

If you suffered injuries in a car accident because of a driver who ran on a red light, you may want to seek compensation for your losses. A great car accident attorney can help you recover this compensation, so you don’t have to worry about funds to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage.

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