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Month: February 2020

Career Strategy Tips #2 – The strength of Your Brand

Can your individual Brand drive your job? It certainly drives shoppers to favor and purchase certain products. And, on a single level, many of us are products. Consider your Brand like a tool to — influence others — produce a…


Personal Branding For Realtors – Market Your Marketplace Greater Than You

Like a luxury property marketing professional it may be strategically beneficial to anchor your locale like a major component of your family brand identity. Doing this can also add considerably towards the emotional benefit of your brand since it promotes…

Personal Branding For Realtors – Study Big Brands – Part 2

How you can Apply What Big Brands Do There’s much to become acquired by property experts who study big brand marketing, particularly if market leadership is the quest. Personal branding for realtors isn’t just obtaining a new outfit or perhaps…


Personal Branding and Social Networking

We reside in a branded world. This is a nice Porsche 911 you’ve or Nice new Rob Polo Sweater you are putting on and again that Cartier Watch you’ve on should have cost. Many of us are branded, branded, branded….