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When should you hire a workers’ compensation attorney? Check here!

Do I Really Need to Hire a Workers' Compensation Lawyer? | Kiefer Law Office

Businesses in Virginia with more than three employees must carry workers’ compensation coverage. Also, this is a no-fault insurance, which means that an injured worker is entitled to benefits, even if he/she was partly responsible for the accident. However, injured workers in Virginia cannot sue their employer for injuries at work. If you are confused with the laws but don’t want to lose out on your rights after getting injured at work, you may want to hire a Richmond workers’ compensation attorney. There are certain situations when seeking expertise from an attorney is absolutely important. Here is a quick list –

  1. Your injuries are severe. If your injuries are going to impact your life ahead, or you may be out of work for a long time, you need an attorney. Insurance companies just want to reduce their liabilities, and for that, they would do anything. Avoid the trap, or don’t settle for an offer because you are in dire financial condition – Talk to a workers’ compensation attorney. 
  2. Your employer was apathetic. If you have filed your claim to the employer, and they don’t act on it, you can contact a lawyer, although they are not required to handle the claim. The claim should be filed with Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. Allow your attorney to explain all the steps in the process, especially when your employer didn’t act as expected. 
  3. Your settlement offer is unfair. Like we mentioned, insurance companies simply don’t want to pay for settlement, and they will adhere to many common tactics to get the injured worker to agree to the sum offered. If the settlement doesn’t cover for your lost wages and medical bills, you would want an attorney to work for you. 

Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney is entirely your choice, but when things don’t sail smoothly, don’t delay in seeking help. Note that you have 30 days to inform your injuries and the incident to the employer, and it is best to contact an attorney at the earliest, so that you can gather evidence in support of your claim. Check online for the best workers’ compensation attorneys in VA.

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