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Meeting an employment discrimination lawyer: Things worth discussing

Workplace Discrimination As A Result Of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you believe that you have suffered workplace discrimination, you can choose to file a lawsuit against your employer. In Texas, a huge number of such cases are reported every year, higher than many other states. It’s safe to assume that many people don’t even report such things, fearing retaliation at the workplace. Working with a San Antonio employment discrimination lawyer can help you understand if your case will hold eventually. If you have found a lawyer, insist on meeting them in person, and here are some things that you must discuss. 

The actual incident

There are various forms of employment discrimination, often based on gender, sex, and race. You may have that one-off incident with your boss, which may sound like discrimination or unfair to you, but may not fit the standard categories of employment discrimination. Your lawyer would want to know every single aspect of the incident, to give an unbiased review of what may be worth pursuing. Make sure that you don’t omit or hide any details, because this determines the buildup of your case. 

Experience of the lawyer

Finding the right lawyer for employment discrimination cases is extremely important. Just because someone helped with your divorce, or closing a real estate deal, it doesn’t mean that they would know about employment laws. You need a lawyer who has worked with employees and executives in particular, and they should have some experience of fighting lawsuits against top companies and brands. You can ask questions related to their work profile, check if they are board certified, and finally, do ask for references. 

Know your options

A good lawyer can tell you upfront as what can be expected from the lawsuit. For instance, in some cases, the payout may not be huge, but the win may still mean something to you at a personal level. If you have been wrongfully terminated or other things has happened, your lawyer will explain if enough evidence exists to prove the matter. Make sure that you are aware of what to hope at best. 

Costs and fee

Most employment discrimination lawyers work on a retainer or hourly basis, unlike personal injury lawyers, who often work on a contingency basis. That’s because the payout for such cases may not be huge. There can be other court costs involved, so ensure that you talk to your lawyer in depth, so that you are financially ready for the battle ahead.  

Amanda Peterson: Amanda is an economist turned blogger who provides readers with an in-depth look at macroeconomic trends and their impact on businesses.