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Is CyberGhost VPN Safe and Cost-Effective?

Are VPNs Safe To Use? – Safe VPNs Rated | 2020

Virtual Private Networks have enabled users to regain their privacy rights on the internet. In the past decade, there has been a massive increase in demand for VPN service providers. Amongst the various companies offering encrypted internet services, CyberGhost is one of the most notable names. In terms of market growth, the rise of CyberGhost is unparalleled. The company offers cheap annual packages that hugely benefit students and other users who cannot afford to spend lavishly on VPNs. But, are their services as good as the premium VPN providers? Or are there downsides to using this cheaper alternative?

An Introduction to the Company

Cyberghost VPN has a completely European staff. It is headquartered in Romania. A huge bulk of its customer share is in Germany. The company is an industry leader in Germany, and it also has physical stores where users can make cash payments. Unlike other major VPN service providers, CyberGhost does not have access to excessive resources. Most of its financial backing comes from independent donation campaigns. Independent users team up to raise funds for creating and maintaining CyberGhost’s proxy servers in Europe and the rest of the world. On the internet, the company is perceived as the true embodiment of what the internet represents – founded, funded, and administered completely by average internet users.

Safer than American Companies?

Since the National Security Agency (NSA) scandals in the U.S., the country’s tech industry has faced a lot of criticism from internet users around the world. Many users wonder whether or not a VPN company with a corporate base in the U.S. can be trusted. Although global internet laws do not consider the location of a VPN company when it comes to administering user data, companies that are free from the watchful eyes of NSA and other American spy agencies are widely considered to be safer by the public.

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