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How to Get Help Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan

The world of health insurance can be confusing and overwhelming, especially when it comes to understanding the different types of plans available. One type that may be worth exploring is a Medicare Advantage Plans 2023. These plans are marketed as an alternative to Original Medicare (Part A & Part B) and they typically include additional benefits like vision, dental, or hearing coverage. But what exactly is a Medicare Advantage Plans 2023?

What Is a Medicare Advantage Plan?

A Medicare Advantage plan is an “all-in-one” health insurance plan that covers everything included in Original Medicare plus some additional benefits. It is offered by private insurers who contract with the government and must meet specific guidelines set by the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS). In exchange for providing these extra benefits, the insurer receives payment from the government for each member enrolled in their plan.

Medicare Advantage plans also include prescription drug coverage (Part D), which was not previously covered under Original Medicare. This means you don’t have to enroll in a separate Part D plan if you choose a Medicare Advantage plan. Some of these plans also offer extra perks such as discounts on gym memberships, transportation services, hearing aids, or even over-the-counter medications.  Additionally, some plans offer free or low-cost preventative care visits or access to specialists without referrals from your primary care physician.  Because they are offered by private insurers and have so many extra benefits included, there are often premiums associated with these plans that you would not pay with Original Medicare; however, depending on your income level you may qualify for assistance with those premiums through programs like Extra Help or Medicaid. 

How Does It Work?

When you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan you will still have your same traditional red, white, and blue card that shows you are enrolled in part A & part B of original medicare – but it will also show that your primary coverage is through your new advantage plan instead of original medicare directly. This means all claims related to hospital stays and doctor visits should go through your advantage provider first before being sent to original medicare – this ensures that both entities understand who’s responsible for covering any medical expenses incurred during your care. If something isn’t covered by the advantage provider then it may be sent back to original medicare for consideration (and vice versa). Ultimately though it’s important to remember that all claims go through one entity – either original medicare or your advantage provider – not both simultaneously! 


As a potential healthcare consumer looking into different types of coverage options it’s important to understand what exactly is included with each type of policy before making any decisions about enrollment. When considering an alternative option like a medicare advantage plan it’s critical that you explore all aspects of the policy thoroughly including any copays/coinsurance amounts associated with services rendered as well as what types/levels of coverage are provided under each policy choice offered within your area – this information can help make sure you select the best possible option for yourself or loved one!

Amanda Peterson: Amanda is an economist turned blogger who provides readers with an in-depth look at macroeconomic trends and their impact on businesses.