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Filing complaint for sexual harassment at work: Things to know!

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Every year, a huge number of sexual harassment cases at workplace are reported in New York. Unfortunately, many cases go unreported, because victims are scared of the consequences, which may include retaliation from the employer that is absolutely illegal. If you have faced sexual harassment in the workplace, the first step should be about reporting the incident(s) to your employer or placement agency. The NY Department of Human Rights states that employers can be held responsible for such cases, if the harassment was a fault of a co-owner, manager or supervisor. If you are concerned about consequences, talk to one of Queens sexual harassment lawyers to determine the course of action. 

Is your employer to blame?

All workplaces need to have a sexual harassment policy in place, and absence of this is enough to file a complaint against the employer. However, when you have an actual case of sexual harassment, your employer can be held responsible if the act was committed by a co-owner, manager, or supervisor. In case an employee was responsible, your employer can be still held responsible, if they knew or should have known that such an act could happen. For instance, if your employer hired someone who previously had been involved in sexual harassment cases.                                                   

When should you contact a lawyer?

Sometimes, filing a sexual harassment is easy, because the workplace promotes reporting such incidents. However, if you filed a complaint and the company failed to act on it, you may consider filing a civil lawsuit. The importance of an attorney’s advice for such matters cannot be overstated. They can tell you if you have a solid sexual harassment case in the first place and what you can realistically expect in justice. You should also consult an attorney if you have suffered retaliation after filing a complaint. 

What to expect from a sexual harassment lawsuit?

Your lawyer will fight to get the right compensation for your suffering. If you have been fired, this may mean fighting for job reinstatement, besides getting compensation for loss of wages, court charges, lawyer fees, and other expenses. If you have suffered emotional breakdown or mental illness because of the sexual harassment incident and have incurred medical expenses, your lawyer will try to get compensation for that, as well. 

Check online for top lawyers in Queens for sexual harassment cases and discuss your matter in depth to get a fair and unbiased understanding of relevant aspects.

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