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Comparison between iwb and owb holsters

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Those who use ruger vaquero holsters can conceal their pistol in plain sight, as it rides outside their waistband. The term “Open Carry” is widely used to refer to an OWB holster. If you’re a shooter who prefers to have an unimpeded draw without having to untuck your shirt or otherwise manipulate your clothing to get a good hold on your gun, an open carry holster is probably what you’re looking for.

Concealed Carry, the practice of concealing a firearm in an IWB holster worn at the waist, is the term most generally used to describe this method of carrying a firearm. Shooters who are concerned about drawing unwanted attention to themselves typically opt for concealed carry leather gun holsters. Concealed carry holsters present a unique challenge to their users in that, unlike open carry holsters, they frequently interfere with the wearer’s clothing, necessitating the removal of an article of clothing before the gun can be gripped firmly and drawn smoothly.

Difference between iwb and owb holsters

Here are the key distinctions between OWB and IWB; now let’s discuss them


There is no objection here that 1911 holster owb carry is vastly more comfortable than IWB carry. Given that the holster and gun are worn on the outside of the jeans rather than concealed within them. Those who are new to concealed carry may find that some inside the waistband holsters are uncomfortable because they pinch or dig into the skin. When first starting out, OWB is frequently the more comfortable option. People still prefer an OWB holster.


It is possible to conceal your weapon when using an OWB holster. To do it effectively, though, you will most likely be wearing some sort of coverup. Absolutely. To do it effectively, though, you will most likely be wearing some sort of coverup. Thus, IWB typically triumphs when it comes to concealability.

Among the two, which one is a good option?

The ideal way to carry is similar to the greatest way to wear an item of clothing: it depends on what works best for you. In general, though, it is recommended OWB for newbie carriers who need to get used to the idea at home and on the range. The greatest method to learn about carrying is through this exercise.

IWB holsters take care of the bulkier parts of concealment by moving them to the inside of the pants. With no need for a coat or button-up, you’re free to wear your comfy tee.

The best option is to simply acquire both and switch between them as needed. You should use an inside the waistband (IWB) holster when concealing your firearm is critical, such as in your daily life, and an outside the waistband (OWB) holster when concealment is less of a priority, such as when you’re going on a trek in the woods.

Don’t forget to budget for some excellent, ergonomic holsters. It’s best to do some research and try out a few different possibilities, including some individualized variants, before settling on the ideal one.

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